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From 1967 - Now

...and the 3rd generation is just getting started!


Newdon Industries Ltd. was founded on March 1st 1967 by John Maggs and Ron Blades in Fergus, Ontario. They met working at a competitor's factory and decided that they would be able to do things better their own way. The name came from the hometowns of the two: the first three letters from Ron's birthplace of Newark and the last three letters from John's birthplace of London.

As with many business start-ups, it wouldn't have been possible without the family support. Poppy Maggs and Joan Blades worked almost as many hours as John and Ron, while also raising the next generation!


In 1978 Ron retired and John's sons started working at the company full time. Kevin and Rob Maggs have been running the company since John's retirement in 1994.

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